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“Let there be LIGHT!” – The Bible Adventure | The amazing stories of the Holy Bible

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

“Let there be LIGHT!” – The Bible Adventure

Good news! The best Bible story book is coming to your hand soon!

It's an epic #adventure & story-line from the #HolyBible. Stories with illustrations are on the way page by page. It is going to be the best way to teach your children/others about the stories & characters of the holy Bible. Grow your children’s interests towards the ‘#words_of_god’ by the awesome texts & illustrations together!

Get your #Blessings today!

Register now & Get up to 50% off as early bird on our Crowdfunding Campaign & Download a sample.

About the Book:

It is going to be an amazing story book with more than hundreds of colored & eye-catching illustrations. You, as well as your children will fall in love with this! On our website (Content - Home page), we attached some of those illustrations which will use in the book to cover the respective stories!

Support us so that we can make and bring this awesome book in reality. Each and every support can bring a little smile to a hopeless face. Visit our Mission to know more about this. Or you can visit our Online Church now.

Our past Project:

We are glad to tell you that we have successfully done our past project (with our partner SPORSHOW), which was a Biblical #comics for the children of #SundaySchools. We have got lot of positive reviews & comments for the book which was in our local language (Bengali). The book was named “Wonderful Story for Kids”, printed in 425 pages with full of colored illustrations! Here you can see the image about the work done-

Support us:

Help us with your contributions.

Maybe you won't make contribution today for any reason. It's still worth much if you just contribute by sharing! As we know- "Sharing is #Caring!"

Please spread the word and spread the world!

“The End Time is near, Let's get busy saving souls!” - Rev. Apurba Man
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